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Broadband Services Revisited

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Finally, there’s some decent news for Malaysian broadband users. In the Budget 2010 speech given by the Minister of Finance / Prime Minister yesterday, not only will the implementation of high-speed broadband (HSBB) be expedited, consumers will be allowed to claim tax relief on any subscription paid for broadband services. A tax relief of up to RM500 per year can be claimed from 2010 onwards and will continue until 2012.

Most people subscribed to a broadband service should be able to enjoy the full RM500 tax relief – although some subscribed to limited usage packages (e.g. those on the Streamyx 384 kbps package) may enjoy a lower amount.┬áThis means a maximum total tax relief of RM1,500 over the next 3 years – it may not be a substantial sum for most but it is still some consolation for us long suffering Malaysian broadband consumers :D .

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