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iPad: Apple’s New Tablet PC

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I’ve just been reading all the news I could find on yesterday’s launch of Apple’s latest product line – the iPad, a tablet-based computer. Check out some of the initial reviews here – reviews by: Gizmodo, Engadget, NYTimes – For and NYTimes – Against.

Or if you have a decent broadband connection (unlike me) and prefer video, you can watch the broadcast of Steve Jobs presenting the iPad here.

My first impressions of the device’s form (without the benefit of physically) is that the bezel border must go. It simply ruins the clean lines that a tablet computer, IMO, should offer. Apart from the name, I particularly dislike the add-on keyboard – fortunately, it supports bluetooth connections.

Here’s a quick run-down on the iPad: -

  • Runs on a proprietary Apple microprocessor
  • Holds 16-64GB of data
  • Battery lasts up to 10 hours
  • 0.5 inches thick
  • Measures 9.56 x 7.47 inches
  • Weight is 1.5 pounds without 3G (1.6 pounds)
  • iBooks: built-in ebook reader

The iPad goes on sale in two months – no exact date given by Apple. Prices range from $499 for a 16GB version with WiFi only to $829 for a 64GB top of the range version with WiFi, 3G wireless modem and includes A-GPS. At these prices, I definitely see myself owning one – when it eventually reaches Malaysian shores, that is.

3 billion Apps Downloaded!

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Amidst the buzz after the Tuesday launch of Nexus One, Google’s first Android-based phone, Apple released a media statement on the same saying that 3 billion apps have been downloaded since the launch of the App Store 18 months ago. Its really quite mind boggling. You can read the Apple media statement here.

Google Phone Unveiled!

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The buzz in the US mobile market since the new year began has been on the unveiling of the Google phone on Tuesday. Its called the Nexus One and there’s been so much news about it that I just had to put up a post on it.

The Google phone is manufactured by HTC, the Taiwanese maker of HTC phones and Google is selling the phone online (get it here) for USD529 or USD179, if you don’t mind being tied to a 2-year contract with T-Mobile.

Online reviews and news (see articles here, here and here) have so far been relatively positive. However, most have correctly pointed out the lack of apps in the Android app market compared to the 100,000-odd applications available on the App Store. This article (link to article) provides a pretty decent round up of some of the reviews so far.

Personally, as a consumer I think any competition for the iPhone and smartphones in general is good – it will certainly drive all existing phone makers to improve the way their phones work. However, as an iPhone app developer, it probably means I will have to start learning how to develop apps on the Android OS in the forseeable future.

Plans For 2010

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So new year’s eve has come and gone and we are now 3 days into the new year – time surely flies when you’re having fun. Its back to work tomorrow so (as a first blog entry for 2010) I thought it would be good to set out Better Logic’s plans for the year (or at least for the first quarter).

Apart from an updated and improved version of Animal Alphabets, we are planning to launch up to 3 more brand new iPhone applications by the first quarter of 2010. Work on these 3 applications has already begun but progress has been slower than expected (due to the numerous number of public holidays in December 2009). Working backwards after building in the time required for Apple, Inc. to approve apps, this means the apps ideally have to be (substantially) ready  by end-February – so the rush to complete the apps is now on!!

Happy New Year Everyone!! All the best for 2010!!


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