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Fruit Alphabets

Did you know that kiwifruits originated from China or that a vanilla pod is the fruit from a vanilla orchid?

Download Fruit Alphabets, now with fun facts, and help your children discover new fruits and learn alphabets all at the same time! Did you know that zucchinis are actually fruits or that a vanilla pod is the fruit from a vanilla orchid?

Fruit Alphabets introduces your children to various fruits ranging from those seen in your local grocer to unique, exotic fruits that can only be seen in tropical countries.

Encourage and develop your children’s interest in fruits and improve their grasp of alphabets by reading and associating with the fruits in each alphabet. The flash cards feature colourful, vibrant images of each fruit corresponding to the selected alphabet.

These flash cards are designed for kids that are 3 – 9 years old. Parents can read and view Fruit Alphabets together with their toddlers and kids, teaching them the ABCs, discovering the fruits associated with each alphabet and learn how to spell each fruit. Older kids can view each fruit and learn the spelling all on their own.

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