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17 September 2010 – iPhone 4 Finally Coming to Malaysia

Its officially, the iPhone 4 is coming to Malaysia…..

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8 June 2010 – Apple iPhone 4 Unveiled

Apple unveiled its 4th generation iPhone yesterday at its annual Worldwide Developers’ Conference 2010 (WWDC10)…..

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6 June 2010 – Virus in Windows Mobile Smartphone Game

Just read this article about legitimate games built for the Windows Mobile OS…..

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12 May 2010 – Android Overtakes iPhone OS

Its been slightly over a month since I last posted. Our next app offering will be launched soon so I’ve been understandably busy with the development, sales, marketing etc….

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9 April 2010 – Latest iPhone Update

I’m actually out of town until next week but couldn’t resist posting on the latest news (hot in the heels of the iPad launch) coming out from Apple yesterday….

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24 March 2010 – UniFi: TM’s New Broadband Service

As promised, Telekom Malaysia (TM) launched UniFi today, their high speed broadband service with connection speeds of up to 20Mbps…

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22 March 2010 – Animal Alphabets Lite and Fruit Alphabets

Last week was a pretty hectic time for me – we had submitted for approval an app version update for Fruit Alphabets as well as a new lite version of Animal Alphabets…

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12 March 2010 – Free Versus Fee Business Model

As most of you may know, we are currently deep in the development of our next iPhone application. In the course of the development process, the million dollar question of…

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5 March 2010 – iPhone Coming To DiGi?

I haven’t been posting much the last 2 weeks – have been very busy working on the latest iPhone app! But I couldn’t resist after seeing this teaser below on the DiGi website….

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12 February 2010 – Fruit Alphabets: Waiting For Review

Our latest iPhone app, Fruit Alphabets, which is part of the Alphabets series has been submitted to Apple for review yesterday…

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8 February 2010 – New Features For Animal Alphabets

Our Animal Alphabets iPhone app, which we updated to include new features, was approved for downloads by Apple on Friday…

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28 January 2010 – iPad: Apple’s New Tablet PC!

I’ve just been reading all the news I could find on yesterday’s launch of Apple’s latest product line – the iPad, a tablet-based computer…

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7 January 2010 – 3 Billion Apps Downloaded!

Amidst the buzz after the Tuesday launch of Nexus One, Google’s first Android-based phone, Apple released a media statement…

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6 January 2010 – Google Phone Unveiled!

The buzz in the US mobile market since the new year began has been on the unveiling of the Google phone on Tuesday….

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3 January 2010 – Plans For 2010

So new year’s eve has come and gone and we are now 3 days into the new year – time surely flies when you’re having fun…

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