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I’m actually out of town until next week but couldn’t resist posting on the latest news (hot in the heels of the iPad launch) coming out from Apple yesterday at its Cupertino, California campus.

Apart from multi-tasking and an update of the usual statistics (e.g. 185,000 apps on the App Store, 3.5 billion apps downloaded etc.), some of the more interesting developments I liked includes an iAd application that allows users to access in-app ads without leaving the app and users can now buy an app for another user as a gift.

You can read this article for a blow by blow account of Steve Jobs’ presentation yesterday.

iPhone Coming To DiGi?

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I haven’t been posting much the last 2 weeks – have been very busy working on the latest iPhone app! But I couldn’t resist after seeing this teaser below on the DiGi website.

Apparently, the iPhone 3GS will be coming to DiGi soon. Not only am I expecting more iPhone users in Malaysia but also future prices of the iPhone to get more competitive, given DiGi’s history for providing its customers with good deals – sweet!

New Features For Animal Alphabets

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Our Animal Alphabets iPhone app, which we updated to include new features, was approved for downloads by Apple on Friday. It is now available for download on the App Store.

We had submitted the revised version for approval on 1 February. The turnaround time for approval was less than a week – very impressive on Apple’s part :) . Apart from that, our next iPhone application, Fruit Alphabets, is also expected to be launched soon. If things go according to plan, it should be available on the App Store before the end of February – so do come back and visit us soon!

The iPhone is Infallible??

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I just read this article on the New York Times on the iPhone. Its about AT& T apparently being blamed for the iPhone’s shortcomings. Its an interesting read – thought I’d share it with everyone.

DiGi, Maxis and My New iPhone 3GS!

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So I finally bought my iPhone – its the 32GB version as I would have to wait at least a month if I opted for one of the other versions with lower memory size. By upgrading my girlfriend’s standard plan to the iValue 1 plan, I only had to pay RM1,990 for it – a savings of RM1,000 over the RRP of RM2,990. On the same day, I finally ported over to DiGi via the mobile number portability (MNP) route – after more than 10 years as a Celcom customer. This way, I get to retain my 019 number. It was a relatively easy move save for a slight hiccup with my personal details with Celcom, which led to the first attempt being rejected. A day later, I finally got the text message from DiGi asking me to replace my SIM card.

Since the iValue 1 plan comes with 500MB of free data each month, I have yet to subscribe to a data plan with DiGi. For my normal usage of checking emails and surfing the Internet (with the occasional tethering when my other broadband services are down), I figured that 500MB might just be sufficient for my needs. I plan to give it a try first and perhaps (at a later date) subscribe to DiGi’s Internet Unlimited Monthly 58 plan. For now, my net savings after the change of my cellphone service providers – RM100 per month :) .

On another note, I discovered a quirk with the iPhone 3GS as I was trying to log into my Gmail account via Safari. It wouldn’t let me log in – despite changing the settings several times, it kept insisting that my browser (i.e. the pre-installed Safari) was still set to not accept cookies, which left me stumped for awhile. I finally figured that I might have to re-boot the phone for the change in settings to take effect. This was definitely not the norm for all the other Smartphones I have used and definitely does not apply to the Safari on the Mac. Although re-booting the phone was not a major inconvenience (given the iPhone’s super-fast boot up times), it definitely felt a bit strange that I had to do so for a setting change to take effect.


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