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Objective-C 2.0

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So, I recently bought the Steven G. Kochan book, Programming in Objective-C 2.0. I had needed a new source of information (and inspiration) after reading more than half of ┬áNeal Goldstein’s iPhone Application Development for Dummies, which is a decent but IMO incomplete book about developing iPhone apps – more on this later.

Since I got it 2 days ago, I have run through 3 chapters and it has definitely moved me substantially along the Objective-C 2.0 learning curve. I find myself eagerly anticipating the next chapters when I pick up this book – yes, its that good a (reference) book. Its written for programmers of all levels.

For the benefit of those of you out there who are searching for books on Objective-C 2.0 to buy, I intend to write about the book in greater detail a little later – will probably compare it with the Neal Goldstein book. For those of you who can’t wait – my advice is just to take the plunge and buy the book (and no, I am representing Stephen Kochan or the publisher, nor do I stand to gain from pluggin this book). I managed to find a copy at Kinokuniya at RM136.50 – think there’s 2 more copies left – or via Amazon.


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