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P1 going to Singapore

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I just read this article (P1 article) on Green Packet, the company that provides the P1 WiMax broadband services in Malaysia. They have entered into a deal to purchase from Pacnet its facilities-based operator license and corresponding wireless broadband access spectrum rights. Pacnet is one of 6 companies in Singapore with a license and spectrum rights to provide wireless broadband services.

Apparently, one of the selling points for future customers of P1 in Singapore is the additional perk of Internet roaming, given Green Packet’s existing P1 WiMax services in Malaysia. As an existing disgruntled P1 customer in Malaysia, my first thought of their plan is that my service is going to get worse – if that’s even possible seeing as my network connection to P1 these days ranges from very slow to non-existent.

Since I signed up 6 months ago, the service has essentially deteriorated after each month to its current sorry state. Calls to their customer service has been met with promises of upgrading work in progress and partial fee waivers – a small consolation but pointless for people who depend on the Internet to earn a living.

A word of advise to my Singaporean cousins – make sure you know what you’re getting into before you sign up!


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