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DiGi, Maxis and My New iPhone 3GS!

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So I finally bought my iPhone – its the 32GB version as I would have to wait at least a month if I opted for one of the other versions with lower memory size. By upgrading my girlfriend’s standard plan to the iValue 1 plan, I only had to pay RM1,990 for it – a savings of RM1,000 over the RRP of RM2,990.¬†On the same day, I finally ported over to DiGi via the mobile number portability (MNP) route – after more than 10 years as a Celcom customer. This way, I get to retain my 019 number. It was a relatively easy move save for a slight hiccup with my personal details with Celcom, which led to the first attempt being rejected. A day later, I finally got the text message from DiGi asking me to replace my SIM card.

Since the iValue 1 plan comes with 500MB of free data each month, I have yet to subscribe to a data plan with DiGi. For my normal usage of checking emails and surfing the Internet (with the occasional tethering when my other broadband services are down), I figured that 500MB might just be sufficient for my needs. I plan to give it a try first and perhaps (at a later date) subscribe to DiGi’s Internet Unlimited Monthly 58 plan. For now, my net savings after the change of my cellphone service providers – RM100 per month :) .

On another note, I discovered a quirk with the iPhone 3GS as I was trying to log into my Gmail account via Safari. It wouldn’t let me log in – despite changing the settings several times, it kept insisting that my browser (i.e. the pre-installed Safari) was still set to not accept cookies, which left me stumped for awhile. I finally figured that I might have to re-boot the phone for the change in settings to take effect. This was definitely not the norm for all the other Smartphones I have used and definitely does not apply to the Safari on the Mac. Although re-booting the phone was not a major inconvenience (given the iPhone’s super-fast boot up times), it definitely felt a bit strange that I had to do so for a setting change to take effect.


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