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WiMax Laggers Fined – MCMC Finally Takes Some Action!

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I was pleasantly surprised to read in a local daily today that 3 local WiMax operators have been imposed fines (ranging from RM200,000 to RM1.9 million) for not meeting the target of 25% population coverage by end-March 2009. Personally, I think these fines are long overdue and perhaps even a little too lenient for some of the operators that have yet to roll out any service two years after the receiving the license! Until these operators start rolling out their wireless services, the competition amongst the existing operators will continue to be limited.

With limited competition, I feel that the inferior quality of existing broadband service in Malaysia will continue to the detriment of consumers. At the moment, I already subscribe to the services provided by the two leading broadband providers Рboth of which I find severely lacking in terms of speed and reliability. Despite my displeasure with them, I have no choice but to continue my subscription for a very simple reason Рthe lack of any viable alternatives. Yes, I could subscribe to the mobile broadband service via HSDPA provided by the telcos (which I already do) but in reality these are not viable alternatives given their inferior connection speed and comparable lack of reliability.

So, these fines IMO are a step in the right direction. Hopefully, it will spur all operators to improve their services. Until then and unless anyone of you has any bright ideas for alternative broadband solutions, I guess I will have to grit my teeth and continue to suffer in (relative) silence :)


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